What we offer


Presses Partout Company Media Production House (S.A.R.L)  provides the following services:

  • A variety of documentaries in the best criteria.
  • Educational, cultural, and social TV programs; as well as, TV reports; corporate videos; Movie marketing & TV Ads.
  • Preparing Movie Marketing for commercial companies, institutions  and factories ; in order to promote their services.
  • Providing :Media, Private companies, Governmental Organizations and Educational Institutions etc…., with various types of interviews; reports; and news broadcasting;  with high end productions from inception to final delivery.
  • Presenting events and occasions from A to Z .
  • providing press coverage for events, missions, conferences and trips; etc… as well as; providing specialists to carry out reports and interviews skillfully during the missions.
  • Providing press officer services; public relations services for companies; VIPs, with the possibility of being a representative office  in the Middle East.
  • Providing Developmental and Professional Studies, in order to improve the performance of Media; institutions; Private companies and Governmental Organizations etc..; such as: Market Research, Sales, Logistics, demand & Supply Analysis for commercial companies etc…