First spark

Presses Partout company aims to meet Arabic & international market needs. Our vision was founded in Lebanon on April 2011, by a team of skilled and experienced people.

Presses Partout Company Media Production House (S.A.R.L)  specializes in producing educational, cultural, and social TV programs; as well as all types of documentaries, TV reports; corporate videos; Movie marketing & TV Ads.

We provide Media; Private companies, Governmental Organizations and Educational Institutions etc…., with high end productions from inception to final delivery.

We can handle a production from the ground up, dealing with all aspects that go into creating and finalizing a product.

Building on the expertise and the connections of our professional team of producers, director and TV production professionals working within our Company; we can produce: Documentaries, TV spots, and TV programs. And we can do so in Lebanon and all over the world, from standard definition projects to high definition ones.


We invite you to a new step with” PRESSES PARTOUT “

to give your career a new horizon  

 make your business as shiny as pearls